Dear all, it's Allegra

My sweet nonna always tells me to not rush something you want to last. She adds the "forever" bit occasionally. Following her advice, I decided to leave this project on the side and give it some time to properly think and visualise every step. I wanted it to be meaningful, properly processed. Not saying I am doing this properly, but I'm doing it my way which I guess is the proper way. It is okay if some bits will not run smoothly and if I'll make mistakes. This is my happy project. 

I learnt that there is never in life a moment in which we feel fully ready. Ready to leave, ready to start over, ready to go back, ready to create something new. And my dad's words unconsciously came quite handy. He would constantly tell me that time isn't worthy if you are not learning anything new. This has always been his mantra. I felt this was the time to challenge myself once again with something I truly, genuinely love.

 My friends and family pushed me to just go for it and I'm so grateful for all the love I received while deciding to pursue this teeny tiny dream of mine. 

I'm doing it for the love of my own country, its warmth, its love for human connections, its smiles, its beautiful places. My family, my friends, my beloved ones. Italy, you make me feel great. This one is for you.

As for now, walkingbearfoot is just me. With the support and love from all my beloved ones, a great pattern and production team, the sweetest artisans, and lovely promoters.