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Just like a freshly made raviolo, we believe that beauty comes from within. Since I was a kid, when I would spy my grandma creating tasty dreams in the kitchen, I could appreciate the beauty that derives from simple things. Those don't have to necessarily look flawless, but it only matters whether or not they are able to carry a good story to tell. When Italian grandmas make ravioli they split the pasta sheet in what they believe are perfectly equal squares. When they dose the stuffing, which is strictly made with a soup spoon, it can happen that a few grams more of it happen to be folded into the sheet resulting in one, or more, raviolo that doesn't look as amazing as the others. But it doesn't matter, because it still tastes as good. If not, better! This whole story to tell you that you shouldn't care too much about your "shape", but really perfect your "filling". Your ideas, passions, talents, flaws all contribute to develop the amazing person you can be. Be kind, be smiley, just like our raviolo. Beauty only comes from within.

Dimension: 37 x 41 cm
Handle size: 70 cm
100% Cotton