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RED TOMATO JAR: Smooth Tomato Puree (on the left)
Silky texture, worked from fresh raw material and then potted. From the dialectal word ‘Prun’, literally bump, derives the name of the indigenous varieties of tomatoes grown in Lucera: the Prunill. It is grown with the dryland farming system, it’s small size and elongated, characterized by pointed ends. The Prunill bunches are harvested in August and are kept hanging, held together by a wire, in typical necklaces or crowns.

YELLOW TOMATO JAR: Peeled Yellow Cherry Tomato (on the right)
The first tomatoes known by Europeans, in the 16th century, were yellow. The name itself, which derives from ‘pomo d’oro’, indicates the golden color of the fruit of plants unknown at that time and that were initially used only as an ornament because they thought they were poisonous. The unusual color, however, does not detract from the nutritive properties of the tomato, containing a high quantity of antioxidant substances and vitamins of groups A, C and B. Once selected, the yellow tomato is lightly cooked so it can be peeled and then preserved in water and salt still whole.