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TAGLIOLINI (on the right)
The loss of nutrients have a negative impact on the earth and our health. This tagliolino owns a sustainable purpose: from the Ancient Friulian Apple, the aim was to obtain a flour from the pulp of the fruit normally thrown away.
***IMPORTANT INFO:Apples contain very few proteins and fats are almost absent, (100 grams of apple correspond to about 40 calories, 10 grams of sugar and large quantities of potassium, vitamin B, citric acid and malic acid). It also contains vitamin B1, and B2 which facilitates digestion.
Manual blend of all the ingredients to guarantee a smooth result.
Contains eggs.
Quick cooking of (1-2 minutes) - to not lose the organoleptic values ​​of the product.
Contains gluten.


GIGLI (on the left)
Gigli reflect a new way of life choices, an alternative from a gastronomic point of view, which may be "due to allergies", nutritional needs or much more. Consumers are increasingly looking for quality products that can be an alternative to durum wheat, demanding products capable of satisfying contemporary cuisine.

egg whites (only the whites) in chickpea flour, organic and sustainable.
Ideal for people who train thanks to the high protein level. Ideal for your physical well-being.

Gluten Free.

Cook for 7 minutes.