Our criteria for a product rests on function, durability, traceability, authenticity and, above all, kindness. Among the most direct ways we aspire to limit ecological impacts by using sustainable fabrics, plant materials, or recycled materials. Our mantra is to create durable pieces with a meaningful reason for being. 

We started with fashion, but with an intention to branch out into food, and create a unique, sustainable supply chain based on the same core pillars. Our Walkingbearfood Capsule for the first little step towards an ideal world where boundaries do not exist. 

We aspire to create a direct link between the production teams and the final customers. We want them to know where each product comes from and the stories they carry.

We manufacture every single thing in Italy, in a tiny village in the north, with the highest respect for human, cultural and natural resources. For the food products we worked closely with Pasta Macino, based in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, and for the tomatoes we figuratively went to Puglia, where Azienda Agricola Paglione is based. We seek meaning on everything we do. 

The quest for freedom that I would express walking barefoot all year long as a kid, regardless of the season or the temperature, translated into a sincere love towards that same freedom which both clothing and food provide me with every single day. And towards the stories they are able to tell. This is a hymn for authenticity, genuineness, and “vivere italiano", the art of living Italian, that keeps up with the times.